EPA supports the federal law known as 'The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)' which protects public drinking water products throughout the nation setting acceptable limits of lead content in potable water systems and plumbing supplies. As of January 2014, the EPA has approved specific third party vendors, including the highly reputable Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Many companies claim to have lead free products even though they have not undergone significant testing and continuous audits by EPA approved accredited third party vendors to certify their product's lead content. To learn more about EPA lead free regulations and certification marks,
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Our UL Classified V's, U's and flexible straight connectors provide you with complete assurance that our products are tested in compliance with Underwriters Laboratories' strict standards and are in accordance with EPA lead-free standards. You can view our certificate of compliance by clicking here. All of our Lead-Free Flex™ connectors are also fabricated in the U.S.A, meeting the Buy American Act so you know exactly where your product is coming from. To learn more about our UL Classified V's, U's, and flexible straight connectors, click here.

You & your customers deserve the certainty & confidence that our domestically fabricated flexible connectors are third party verified as lead-free.

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