Volume 4, Issue 1 | Solutions E-Newsletter
Welcome to Volume 4, Issue 1 of Solutions, Munson Inc.'s customer e-newsletter.  The goal of this newsletter is to help you stay connected with reliable facts and information to better help you manage your pavement and fencing assets.  Let us know how we're doing: rob@munsoninc.com.
Back to School Issues
Sometimes, deciding between parking lot repair/renovation options and parking lot reconstruction is difficult.  Other times, the decision is as easy as one, two, three.  Click on the Asphalt image to read about parking lot issues faced by a Middle School in a southeastern Wisconsin school district and why facility management issues are never as easy as A, B, C. 
Steps (Temporarily) in the Right Direction
Most older buildings and landscapes were not designed to be readily accessible for people with disabilities.  Click on the concrete image to learn how the parish offices of one of Wisconsin's most acclaimed and admired architectural landmarks has initiated steps to make it more accessible.
What is it?
Fans of PBS's 'Ask This Old House' will enjoy this issue' s Fence article.  Click on the Fence image to learn what the image is and how the product supports solving malevolent intrusion issues for a southeastern Wisconsin utility.  Need a clue?  Selection and installation of the product is governed by ASTM F2548-06.
Traditional Command for Building Owners and Facility Managers
The race to build exceptional customer relationships doesn't always rely on speed.  Click on the seal coating image to see how a leading Milwaukee-area car dealership added horsepower to its goal of making customers' experiences different and more fun and learn our famous four words for parking lot owners and managers.
Closing the Cumberland Gap
Click on the Tennis & Track image to learn how a fraternity of tennis enthusiasts in southeastern Wisconsin brought back tennis to a neighborhood school.
"In fall, the 'Git-R-Done' contractor mentality is replaced with a heightened sense of urgency, tempered by a well-placed respect for Mother Nature" – Anonymous
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Munson, Inc. is a commercial and residential fencing and paving company located in Glendale, Wisconsin.  We have been servicing Greater Milwaukee and surrounding areas since 1955.  Our PAVING DIVISION specializes in asphalt and concrete – from driveways to large parking lots and from colored and stamped concrete to small trench patching.  Our FENCE DIVISION installs industrial chain link fences, gates and operators, as well as decorative wrought-iron fencing – and everything in-between. Our TENNIS & TRACK DIVISION combines these competencies, creating award-winning residential, public, and commercial tennis courts and running tracks.

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