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Look Who Joined MAME!

AVX Corporation
Biddeford, ME
Specializing in electronic component manufacturing.

 Nichols Portland
Portland, ME
Specializing in the design and manufacture of fluid transfer devices (pumps), powdered metal components, and other technologies.

JSI Store Fixtures, INC.
Specializing in closed-cell foam—the industry's first antimicrobial foam store fixtures 

Pine Tree Orthopedic 

Livermore Falls, ME
Specializing in custom and non-custom products to health care providers 


Health Care Matters

The MAME is pleased to update you on our efforts for an Association Health Plan and other matters relating to the health care industry.

The AHP Committee reviewed stop loss pricing for the AHP. To date, we are finalizing health care data. We'll begin enrollments soon.

MAME is working on your behalf on top issues such as health care costs, workforce availability and energy. Contact us for more information at 207-2-747-4406 of

Manufacturing Summit 2019

Registration is open!

2019 Manufacturing Summit: Where companies from across all manufacturing sectors and their respective trade associations will gather with a unified voice for manufacturing. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND LEARN MORE


We are accepting nominations for 2019 "Manufacturer of the Year", a prestigious award to be presented at the Summit- if you would like to nominate a company, fill out the survey HERE!

Have any questions about the Summit? Interested in sponsoring the event? Contact us at info@mainemfg.com or the MAMe office at 207-747-4406. Sponsorship non-complete for major sponsors.

If you'd like to see what else MAMe has in store, check out our events page at www.mainemfg.com/events/


The 2019 Manufacturing Summit has exhibitor tables available - check here to register your table today!

Manufacturers Association of Maine Launches Strategy to Grow Workforce

COURTESY / of Mainebiz, 2/12/2019

Lisa Martin is executive director of the Manufacturers Association of Maine. The organization, which represents 300 manufacturers in Maine, has launched two new programs to help its members find the skilled labor they need.

Manufacturers Association of Maine, in Portland, has launched two programs to help manufacturers fill jobs.

According to its news release, the association represents 300 manufacturers and 70% of members can't fill jobs that require skilled labor. And the need is growing for skilled labor in Maine's manufacturing industry, the association's executive director, Lisa Martin, told Mainebiz.

"On any given day, there are 800 to 1,000 job openings statewide in manufacturing," Martin said. "I just met with a small textile manufacturer. She said she wanted three to four new people. She only has four people, so she needs to double her workforce."

Martin said she hears similar stories from every company.

Workforce shortages are resulting in investments in automation, she said.

"They're not making those investments because they don't want people working for them," Martin said. "They're doing it because they can't find people work to work for them."


Piping in the Talent

As a result, the association has launched a program called Manufacturing Career Connection, which focuses on students, educators, veterans, immigrants and other populations.

Maine Career Connection focuses on two main areas: Building the pipeline and filling the jobs, according to the release.

"We realized that all the work we had done with students over the years only addresses half of the workforce challenges facing manufacturing companies," Martin said in the release. "Students were still a few years away from entering the workforce in many cases. We needed to also focus on filling some of the current open positions at companies."

Based on feedback from manufacturing industry members, the association has engaged organizations that work with transitioning military members, corrections, New Mainers and immigrants and the Fedcap program, she said. Also, the association has expanded jobs postings on its website and resume distribution services to association members.



The association is also partnering with SEMI High Tech U, a nationwide program that connects students and educators to science, engineering, technology, and math careers.

SEMI High Tech U is an intensive three-day program for high school students who want to learn more about STEM careers and the educational pathways needed to pursue them. The interactive workshop is led by industry volunteers who also provide students their school-to-work journeys.

"It's a very hands-on program," Martin told Mainebiz. "We have a lot of interested companies."

"We are trying to answer the question, 'How do we fill all these jobs opening up in high-tech?'" Bryson Gauff, SEMI High Tech U program manager, said in the release. "We really think our camp, with hands-on learning and having the industry connection, really lets the kids see what the next steps could look like,".

ON Semiconductor hosted a SEMI High Tech U in December 2018 at its South Portland fabrication facility. Of the 29 Maine students who attended, nine were from Baxter Academy.

"Our students were impressed with not only the technical content that they engaged with, but also the soft-skills training such as communication, leadership, and team-building," Heather D'Ippolito, Partnership and Outreach Coordinator at Baxter Academy, said in the release.

"It was absolutely amazing," Riley Donschikowski, Baxter Academy Class of 2022, said in the release. "I learned a lot about options after college, including different types of engineering, and also how to present myself professionally in the future. I learned how to make my plans after college more practical, useful, flexible, and efficient and I learned how to prepare for a job interview."

Two SEMI High Tech U workshops in Maine (in October 2013 and December 2018) have provided almost 70 students insight into future STEM-related careers. The association will expand the program to include learning experiences for educators as well.


Other Initiatives

In 2013, the association launched a student and educator outreach program tied to a national workforce development strategy with the Manufacturing Institute in Washington D.C. This strategy focused on changing the perception of manufacturing and engaging students and educators. Since the program launched, the association has engaged over 9,805 students, educators and other influencers such as parents and state officials in touring manufacturing companies.

Martin said the association also recently received a Maine Technology Institute grant to study the feasibility of developing a "waste to wares" program. The association will look at manufacturer waste with the goal of finding ways to "upcycle" the waste, she said.

Incumbent Worker Training Funds Available in 2019

 This funding may be for you.


Under this Funding:

·         Training must be necessary to avert a layoff or be used to increase the competiveness of the employer/employee(s) in order to retain current workers.

·         Customized Training (Individualized or Cohort-Based) and on-the-job training can be supported. All on-the-job training MUST result in a wage increase upon completion. The funding has an employer match requirement.

·         Employees trained under this funding must have at least a six-month employment relationship with your company.

·         Employees you wish to train must be willing to complete certain registration and documentation requirements to be approved.


For more information and to start an application:

Khristina Landers at Workforce Solutions,



Robotics Institute of Maine

Helping students realize their potential! 


RIM is supported solely through the generous donations of Maine companies and grants. The growth and demand of competitive robotics requires more funding. These programs are becoming the gold standard for how middle and high school STEM education can change to offer a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience to prepare students for hi-tech careers. Your donations are used for the following:


»» Team Registration Fees

»» Classroom Kits for Teachers

 »» Replacement of Materials

 »» Maine Tournaments

»» Teacher & Mentor Training


YOU are making a difference! RIM’s efforts have tripled the number of students engaging in hands-on STEM learning!

RIM participates in Amazon Smile- 
click here to learn more!



"Craig's Corner"
MAMe's Energy Program

Are You Expanding Your Manufacturing Business?

If so, please take a moment to read about MAME’s energy program offerings.

Constellation Efficiency Made Easy Program (EME)

Now is the time to reduce your energy usage and cost.  We have MAME’s member businesses working with the Constellation Efficiency Made Easy Program (EME) to review lighting and technology to reduce their energy usage and gain the maximum benefit through the Efficiency Maine Program.  At no cost to MAME members, Constellation will perform the site survey, develop the proposal, including Efficiency Maine incentives, and then you decide if you want to move forward with the project(s).  

For more information, contact Craig Brazell, Business Development Manager, Constellation Energy, Phone: 617-512-9939 or 207-520-2007



Starc Systems Doubling Capacity

STARC Systems, which manufactures reusable temporary wall containment for the construction industry, expects to add more jobs and double manufacturing capacity at its Brunswick Landing location by early 2020.

To meet demand, STARC hired an additional 17 people and added 10,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing in 2018, for its fourth expansion in as many years.

Link to full article

Scholarship Update!

Application Period Open until April 30, 2019

The MAME Career and Foundation Scholarship is currently accepting applications for students that are interested in furthering their education in Maine with a goal of a career in manufacturing in mind.

For details click below!



Manufacturing Career Connection

Check out this interview with 2018 MAME Manufacturing Career & Training Foundation scholarship recipient Matthew Scott. Thanks to scholarships like the MMCTF he has paid for his first year of college at CMCC and looks forward to continuing in his studies for 2019.


MAME is actively overseeing legislative activity that matters most to you. The association focuses on four areas that are important to you: 1) Workforce Availability 2) Energy 3) Tax and Pro-Growth Policies and 4) minimum wages and other business policies.

In January, your legislative committee chairs and board members met with the Democratic and Republican Senate and House leadership. These meetings were designed to share the findings from our Mfg Summits recommendation to help support and grow manufacturing in Maine. We’ve met with Senator Jackson, Libby and Vitelli as well as Senators Dow and Timberlake. The House leadership included Representatives Dillingham, Stewart, Moonen, Facteau and Gideon.

In addition to sharing the Mfg Summit report and recommendations, the group discussed what is on the radar of the both the senate and house leadership, what we expect to see and how we work to support efforts to move this sector forward. If you are interested in being part of the Legislative/Policy committee or have a vested interest in policy development, contact Lisa

Upcoming Events!

Meet & Brew at Baxter Brewing
February 28, 2019


Lewiston, ME


2019 SME Lean Manufacturing Round Table Series
February 26th—Allagash Brewing Company

March 26th-Starc Systems

April 23rd—Jotul USA, Inc

JMQC Monthly Meeting Tour

March 14th

Pride Sports

12:00pm – 2:30pm


U.S. DOT Shipping Hazardous & Universal Waste Training


St. Germain Collins Maine-Specific Hazardous & Universal Waste Training
846 Main Street
8:30am – 4:30pm
Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Thursday, June 6, 2019
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Wednesday, December 4, 2019

For More Info

2019 Manufacturing Summit

May 17, 2019
Lost Valley Ski Area
200 Lost Valley Rd.
Friday, May 17, 2019




JMQC Monthly Tour—March 21, 2019 Pride Sports In Burnham ME

MAME 2019 Manufacturing Summit
—May 17, 2019 at Lost Valley in Auburn

30th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament—Aug 8, 2019 at Spring Meadows in New Gloucester

MAMe's Annual Gala--Oct 14th, 2019 at Portland Elks Club 4:30 - 8:00 PM

More details and up to date information at www.mainemfg.com/events

Manufacturers Association of Maine
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Portland, ME



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Secure predictable electricity rates with Constellation’s Fixed Price Solution.

As a small to medium sized manufacturer, your eye is always on the bottom line. You need competitive electric rates from a supplier you can count on. Constellation is that supplier. Constellation is the exclusive energy providers for MAMe members.

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