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Look Who Joined MAME!

Lanco Integrated
Westbrook, ME
Designer and manufacturer of turnkey automated
assembly and test systems.

 Bar Harbor Bank & Trust
Topsham, ME
Community Bank

Jewett Construction
Scarborough, ME
Specializing in design-build services
and commercial construction management.

Bellwether Design Technologies

Biddeford, ME
Specializing in designing and engineering complex glazing systems.


Manufacturing Summit 2019

Registration is open!

2019 Manufacturing Summit: Where companies from across all manufacturing sectors and their respective trade associations will gather with a unified voice for manufacturing. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND LEARN MORE


We are accepting nominations for 2019 Manufacturer of the Year, a prestigious award to be presented at the Summit- if you would like to nominate a company, fill out the survey HERE!

Have any questions about the Summit? Interested in sponsoring the event? Contact us at info@mainemfg.com or the MAMe office at 207-747-4406.

If you'd like to see what else MAMe has in store, check out our events page at www.mainemfg.com/events/

Looking Back & Looking Forward

2018 was a great year at for the Manufactures Association! We set some aggressive goals and worked hard to accomplish them, but we could not do it all without our members. We are excited about what 2019 has to bring. We have some exciting projects on the horizon.

As we move into the New Year, we wanted to do look back at 2018:


-MAME added 55 new members in 2018! 36 of those being manufacturers.
-Maine Wood Products Association merged with MAME. In 2019 the Maine Wood Products Council will convene.

Manufacturing Career Connection - Build the Pipeline and Fill the Jobs!

-Since 2005 MAME has engaged over 9,775 students and educators to visit manufacturing facilities
-MAME sent out 86 resumes to members
-MAME partnered with Mainebiz for the 2nd year on the Made in Maine Magazine. Over 40,000 copies have been distributed to students, educators and job seekers since 2017.

Business Development- Expand. Retain. Thrive
-25 external procurement requests were sent to members for contract manufacturing
-MAME unveiled the New Business Retention and Expansion(BRE) program set to launch in 2019

Updated Look
-MAME launched a new website and logo

Legislative & Policy
-MAME put your voice on policies that matter in Augusta, testifying, hosting several round tables and meeting with key legislators.
-Hosted 4 Gubernatorial Round Tables in 2018

In January 2019 the Legislative Committee met with the State Senate and State House representatives to present the 2018 Summit Report and update them on the issues that matter to manufacturers.

In 2019 MAME is thrilled to launch two new programs for members! Stay tuned for more on our Association Health Plan (AHP) and Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) projects.

Robotics Institute of Maine

Helping students realize their potential! 

RIM is supported solely through the generous donations of Maine companies and grants. The growth and demand of competitive robotics requires more funding. These programs are becoming the gold standard for how middle and high school STEM education can change to offer a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience to prepare students for hi-tech careers. Your donations are used for the following:
»» Team Registration Fees
»» Classroom Kits for Teachers
 »» Replacement of Materials
 »» Maine Tournaments
»» Teacher & Mentor Training

YOU are making a difference! RIM’s efforts have tripled the number of students engaging in hands-on STEM learning!

Fun Facts about Electricity

Electricity travels at the speed of light - more than 186,000 miles per second!

A spark of static electricity can measure up to three thousand (3,000) volts.

A bolt of lightning can measure up to three million (3,000,000) volts, and it lasts less than one second!

Electricity has been known to exist from thousands of years, because we know from texts that Egyptians knew of shocks from some electric fish. However, the steady production of electricity didn't occur until much later. In the 1600's, people made devices that created a lot of friction to generate sparks, and it wasn't until Volta developed the first battery in 1800 that there was a reliable source of electricity.

The iPhone definitely uses electricity, which is provided by a chemical reaction that takes place in the battery. Because batteries are used to produce electricity, it's safe to bet that anything with a battery (or that plugs into the wall!) will use electricity.

Health Care Matters

The MAME is pleased to update you on our efforts for an Association Health Plan and other matters relating to the health care industry.

In December, the AHP Committee reviewed stop loss pricing for the AHP. To date, several members have agreed to be part of the AHP Committee which will transform into the AHP Trustee Group to oversee, guide and manage MAME’s AHP.

MAME just wrapped up a series of 6 round tables across Maine for industry members interested in learning more about the plan options.
Currently MAME is looking for interested companies to provide claims data. This information is shared securely directly with Allumbaugh Agency, who is the organization the MAME is using to set up the plan, and will allow them to provide plan details specific to your company.

MAME is working on your behalf on top issues such as health care costs, workforce availability and energy. Contact us for more information at 207-2-747-4406 of info@mainemfg.com.

Students from Westbrook High School.
Top photo at Helical Solutions. Bottom Photo at Mega Industries.

Manufacturing Career Connection

On Tuesday Jan 22nd, thirty students from Westbrook High School’s junior class toured Helical Solutions and Mega Industries in Gorham. This was part of a program at the high school where students learned about jobs in Maine that require a 2 year degree or less.

Students split into 2 groups and toured both facilities. They learned about the variety of positions and education requirements for them at each company, as well as their training and tuition reimbursement programs.

Thank you to everyone at Helical Solutions and Mega Industries for making this possible!

If you would like to arrange a tour with students, please contact Marion at MAME to learn more at marion@mainemfg.com or 207-747-4406.


Scholarship Update!

Application Period Open until April 30, 2019

The MAME Career and Foundation Scholarship is currently accepting applications for students that are interested in furthering their education in Maine with a goal of a career in manufacturing in mind.

For details click below!



MAME is actively overseeing legislative activity that matters most to you. The association focuses on four areas that are important to you: 1) Workforce Availability 2) Energy 3) Tax and Pro-Growth Policies and 4) minimum wages and other business policies.

In January, your legislative committee chairs and board members met with the Democratic and Republican Senate and House leadership. These meetings are designed to share the findings from our Mfg Summits recommendation to help support and grow manufacturing in Maine. We’ve met with Senator Jackson, Libby and Vitelli as well as Senators Dow and Timberlake. The House leadership included Representatives Dillingham, Stewart, Moonen, Facteau and Gideon.

In addition to sharing the Mfg Summit report and recommendations, the group discussed what is on the radar of the both the senate and house leadership, what we expect to see and how we work to support efforts to move this sector forward. If you are interested in being part of the Legislative/Policy committee or have a vested interest in policy development, contact Lisa: lisa@mainemfg.com

Upcoming Events!

Meet & Brew at Baxter Brewing
February 28, 2019


Lewiston, ME


2019 SME Lean Manufacturing Round Table Series
January 2019-April 2019


January 29th—LL Bean

February 26th—Allagash Brewing Company

March 26th-Starc Systems

April 23rd—Jotul USA, Inc



JMQC Monthly Tour—March 21, 2019 Pride Sports In Burnham ME

MAME 2019 Manufacturing Summit—May 17, 2019 at Lost Valley in Auburn

30th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament—Aug 8, 2019 at Spring Meadows in New Gloucester


More details and up to date information at www.mainemfg.com/events

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